Featured Columns

Food Culture

Ethnic cuisine, food fascinations, food fettishes, current trends and all other food-for-masses related food topics. Basically, the food that defines us as a culture and as a world.

Food Hacks

Always take the short-cut…is what lazy people say. But if you’re in a jam or need food fast here are some college student-approved tips on how you can get the most bang for your buck without sacrificing all the flavor and quality.

Internship Series

Hear from other students about their internships. Get the 101 on where to look and see what it’s like working in a real-life-oh-my-god-I’m-an-adult job.

On the Shelf

Catch up on the latest, greatest, and need-it-on-your-shelf-now books. There are never enough shelves to hold the number of books we collect so here’s the shortlist on what you should be reading now!


Opinion pieces on current topics in food. Hear what we have to say about the controversies, disagreements, and long-time disputes in the industry.

Short Course Series

Here’s our short course on all foods–both familiar and bizarre. We’ll give you the need-to-knows all the way to the how’s and why’s in a 21st century-attention-span-short article.

Waste Series

A series focusing on food waste in the industry featuring chefs, scientists, and current research on how the industry is approaching the issue and their thoughts on possible solutions.

What’s Cooking

Pictures of food, recipes, and other drool worthy tasties that will whet your appetite and give you a little inspiration to get cooking.


Catch up on the world of food from new restaurant openings, product launches, and other interesting food tidbits.


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