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The Culinologist is a place where students, professionals, and food geeks from all walks of life can share their interests and passions about food.

Discussion and conversation is encouraged here so if you have something you want to share like your last internship, your favorite food city, a new favorite food ingredient, or a new food trend that you don’t understand and need to explain to everyone why you think it’s completely ridiculous–this is the place to share. There is no wrong opinion.


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3 thoughts on “About The Culinologist

  1. Sharing a new dish I tried recently during a business trip to Springfield, IL. Every restaurant menu I picked up in the city had a section of “shoes”. The menus didn’t define the dish so I finally asked and got the following: a slice of garlic Texas toast topped w/ protein (traditionally loose meat or breaded pork tenderloin) piled with French fries and finished with a beer cheese sauce. I committed and ordered a Buffalo Chicken Horseshoe Sandwich (the official name) – that shit was good. I mean totally evil but delicious. Served fork and knife style and truly a sight to behold. Completely unrefined, Midwestern goodness on a plate. I was eating with my boss – he had a salad – but I had no regrets and was inspired by this Poutine-esque concoction that is native to Springfield. Seems like it should get some face-time across the Midwest – maybe it will be commercialized by a Culinologist in the future – I know I would buy it again!


  2. As an Iowan, we are known more for caucus night this time of year, but I am happy to read conversation about the fried pork tenderloin sandwich. Found originally in Indiana and Iowa, I was dismayed that they are tough to find outside these states, at least done well. They have a cult following and while they may have originated in Indiana, Iowa is called hog heaven for a reason, we perfected this huge, bigger than your plate delicious piece of fried pork. They are served on a regular hamburger bun, making this sandwich ridiculous looking, but hard not to finish. Your blog post inspired me to invite a few Texan friends over this weekend to show them why they are so good, spreading my foods of childhood just a little bit further south of my native Iowa. Anyone who aspires to open a food truck featuring fried pork tenderloins in Austin, Texas will have at least one regular customer.


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