RCA Conference 2018


By: Chris McAdams

Happy RCA 2018 everyone!

If you somehow missed it, the Research Chefs Association Conference begins this week. Starting on Sunday March 25th and culminating Wednesday March 28th, the conference will be held at the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa in, as the name implies, Savannah, GA.

We’ll be hearing from fantastic speakers including Sharon Lykins (Denny’s), Ethan Brown (Beyond Meat), Matthew Raiford (Gilliard Farms) and Gerry Ludwig (Gordon Food Service). But, what we in the student council are most excited for, are the Student Competitions.

Held in Exhibit Hall A of The Westin, the Student Savory Competition will begin at 7:00am and end around 2:00pm. This year’s teams have been given the challenge to create a single serving, microwavable meal inspired by the cuisine of Southern Georgia’s “mom and pop” style diners. The winner’s gold standard recipe will be used as the inspiration for a frozen retail supermarket entrée.

We highly recommend you come and support these talented young individuals as they represent the future of not only the RCA, but our industry itself.

Additionally, the Evolution of Food Waste presentations will begin at 3:45pm on Tuesday the 27th in Exhibit Hall A, Theater 2. If you have not before sat in on these presentations I hope you choose to this year. These projects shape how we view the idea of food waste and have even led to the creation of some wonderful products (i.e. ReGrained).

RCA 2018

Photo Courtesy of ReGrained.com

Make sure to download the Eventsential App and search for RCA2018. This handy program will give you direct access to the show schedule, maps, and speakers. It also links directly with social media, so you can share what you’re seeing/eating with everyone else.

Don’t forget to #RCA2018 for general posts, and #RCAScholars for any media involving our students.

And lastly, show some love for Savannah while you’re visiting. It’s a great city with fantastic dining and night life, and don’t be shy about sharing your escapades through social media. We want to see what everyone got into.

Now let’s kick this thing off, because I can’t wait: RCA2018!

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