TEDx Talk: Have Your Beer and Eat It Too!

TEDx Talk: Have Your Beer and Eat It Too!

“One out of seven Americans are unsure of where their next meal with come from. At the same time, we waste 40% of all edible food. Food waste not squanders food that could feed hungry people, but also the resources it took to grow that food. If food waste emissions were to be aggregated and measured in a country, food waste would be the third greatest contributor of greenhouse gases right after the US and China. Now, I think it’s clear to a lot of us food waste is the dumbest social and environmental problem of our day and thankfully government, businesses and people like us have come together in the last years to solve it.”

In this TEDx Talk, hear ReGrained CEO Dan Kurzrock continue this TEDx Talk about the business of turning food waste into an opportunity to do well by doing good at a global scale. Along with Cofounder Jordan Schwartz, what began as an underage college students homebrewing in a fraternity kitchen has evolved into most recently, being awarded Forbes 30 Under 30 Food & Beverage.

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To meet the demands of the evolving food industry, the RCA has created the Evolution of Food Waste Product Development Student Competition. Established in 2016 by the RCA Student Committee, the Evolution of Food Waste Competition challenges student teams to formulate commercialized products, increase nutritional content through value-added processing, and troubleshoot cost reduction strategies repurposing byproduct ingredients historically considered food waste. This unique RCA opportunity provides a network between students and professionals. Ultimately, students who are able to succeed in this competition will prove themselves as perfect candidates for employers looking to hire new graduates who best blend culinary arts with the science of food.

On March 27, 2018 in Savannah, GA, the RCA will hold the final portion of the Evolution of Food Waste Product Development Student Competition. The deadline for student teams to submit is January 12, 2018.

Link to the student competition manual can be found here.

Questions? Contact Emily Nuzzo RCA Headquarters at ENuzzo@smithbucklin.com

Thank you to our 2017 & 2018 Evolution of Food Waste Product Development Competition Sponsor: Griffith Foods


Griffith Foods is the caring, creative product development partner whose people help our customers meet the evolving needs and desires of consumers in ways that respect and sustain the planet. As a family-owned global developer and manufacturer of customized food recipes for foodservice restaurants, protein and snack companies, retail and more, Griffith’s capabilities range from seasonings and breading, to marinades and sauces blended to exacting specification that are culturally authentic, taste great and improve food safety. Founded in 1919, Griffith has grown and expanded globally to include a presence in over thirty countries while maintaining its headquarters near Chicago, Illinois, USA.


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