Food: Delicious Science

By: Jordan Clark

Food Netflix

Looking for a new food/cooking show to watch on Netflix? How about one that dives into the physics, chemistry and biology of every bite of food?

Food: Delicious Science is a show that I recently watched on Netflix that combines all the things I’ve learned in class. The show features two professionals Dr. Michael Mosley and James Wong.

Dr. Michael Mosley has long worked for BBC after pursuing medicine with the intent of being a psychiatrist. He has a passion for neuroscience. James Wong has his masters in ethnobotany, which is simply investigating plants used by primitive societies. He was the presenter of the UK series Grow Your Own Drugs and has written two books focused on home remedies. The two look at the foods we love and what makes them so amazing.

Food Shows

In Episode One of Food: Delicious Science, the pair looks at why people like spicy food, what makes chocolate so irresistible, and why fat and sugar are a combo we all love. Michael and James in Episode Two breaks down the five tastes: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami. During the final episode, the two dive into the chemistry of food, reducing them down to their macronutrients and micronutrients and how they affect the body.

Food Science

(James Wong in the mountains of Chile understanding potatoes with natives)

Unfortunately, there are only 3 episodes on Netflix, each lasting almost an hour. It won’t be one of those shows that consumes your whole life, but will be well worth a watch. What makes it great is that it takes things that I’ve learned in class to the next level.

Happy watching!


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