Tempeh: Affordable, Sustainable, and Nutritious Protein Source

By: Amadeus Driando Ahnan

Tempeh or tempe is a traditional fermented food that serves as a staple protein source in Indonesia. The earliest documentation of tempeh is from the 1700s in the Centhini Inscription, in which tempeh was served as a delicacy food in Central Java. Since then, tempeh has been popular as a low-cost, versatile, and healthy protein source. Indonesians eat tempe on daily basis, you can find tempe as side dishes, appetizers, main dishes, or weaning foods for babies in hundreds of recipes.

In the late 1900s and 2000s, research has shown tempeh’s superior nutrition, sustainability, and affordability compared to most protein sources in the global market. Realizing the potential, there is a global movement Indonesian Tempe Movement to promote tempe for giving people more access to affordable, sustainable, and nutritious protein source.

Watch this fun 7-minute video to what is going on:

More info: ww.tempemovement.com

Please feel free to ask any question to Amadeus Driando Ahnan (Vice Chair of RCA Student Committee and Founder of Indonesian Tempe Movement): driando.ahnan@gmail.com


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