Podcast: The Key to Successful R&D with Chef Barton Dewing CRC®

Podcast: The Key to Successful R&D with Chef Barton Dewing CRC®


PC: PeasOnMoss.com

Ragozzino Foods Executive Research Chef Barton Dewing says that the measure of successful R&D is in the product’s successful scale up – going from benchtop sizes to large manufactured sizes. Practically anyone can make a delicious dish or item when you’ve got ample time, direct control over all the elements, and the budget to make it. But can anyone make it in the quantities desired within the cost targets? As a restaurant chef who fell into an R&D role and created a product development team at FreshDirect, Barton CRC® has worked in restaurant kitchens, front-of-the-house, corporate restaurant management, online grocery, and manufacturing. His Research Chefs Association active member involvement and passionate commitment to Culinology® as Chair of the RCA Certification Committee led to the President’s Award at the 2016 annual conference.

Hear more about how perfecting the saucier station can be scaled with the proper black pepper percent formulation, which products you should develop a gold standard for, and the new RCA entry-level certification for new graduates on the podcast!


RCA Student Committee President Philip Saneski (left), & RCA Certification Commissioner Barton Dewing (right)

Find out more about the RCA certification programs and which one fits your career: http://www.culinology.org/Education/Certification.aspx


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