Meet the Team: Sabrina Mirabella

By Sabrina Mirabella

Thanks for visiting the Culinologist! My name is Sabrina Mirabella and I am a 2016 graduate of Johnson & Wales University. There, I first received my A.S. in Culinary Arts, and then my B.S. in Culinary Nutrition and Food Science. I’ve been working back of house in restaurants since I was 16. I grew up in a house where food was the center of family traditions and fond memories, and knew from a young age that I wanted to pursue a career in the food industry. My background throughout college has been working at a restaurant, called Bergamot, in Somerville, MA. There I have been able to learn how to work multiple stations, classic techniques, and global flavor profiles. There, I have especially taken a liking to learning about fermentation, charcuterie and BBQ.


Wisconsin Cheese Cave

To further understand the “how’s and why’s” behind food, I decided to not only get a degree related to food science, but to also switch gears in the food industry for a little bit. I have had the opportunity to experience a test kitchen internship, and a research and development internship. I spent this last summer in Arden Hills, MN interning in the Land O’Lakes foodservice test kitchen– working with RCA Student Committee member Erik Jones!. Moving back to the east coast, I am currently interning in the R&D department of Stonewall Kitchen.


Working with the RCA has become a great passion of mine, and I knew I wanted to play a role in the association since attending and competing at the RCA conference in Denver. There are so many opportunities for students to thrive within this organization, and we as a Student Committee are inspired everyday by the RCA students we meet to add more. One recent opportunity was a Belgioso’s recipe contest I entered. I was fortunate my crescenza stracchino panna cotta received first place, and got to take a trip to tour with cheesemakers in Wisconsin! I love how all members have a different background, but the same philosophy- food comes first!


Crescenza Stracchino Panna Cotta, ginger oat crumble, grapefruit

Aside from work and the RCA,I enjoy reading, traveling, and spending time with family. My main passion other than cooking, is artisan cheese. I volunteer for the American Cheese Society, and have worked in sales for international and domestic cheese companies.  I love learning about cheese making, specifically the affinage process. You can catch me posting on the blog about: food waste recipes, the latest food trends, and of course…CHEESE! Thanks for reading, and feel free to reach out– we’d love to hear from you!


Beer & Cheese Pairings from Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board



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