Podcast: Find out why Land O’Lakes Chef Erik Jones wants to share his passion for Culinology® with culinary schools and students…

This week’s Culinologist podcast comes from one of our very own, co-founder of the RCA Student Committee Erik Jones, Corporate Sous Chef and Culinologist at Land O’Lakes. Hear how his Culinology® degree education extends the shelf like of chefs in his podcast interview.
Erik started as many of us did – Front of House and cooking through the different stations in the kitchen. Just last year was a Test Kitchen Intern at Land O’Lakes. Now he’s on a mission to get culinary arts students to think bigger than the textbook careers for them and to consider corporate R&D. Erik is passionate about his industry and shares examples of other ways to use a culinary background. You can read more about his experience and insight on how culinary education is evolving to meet the needs of a growing food industry in a recent article, St. Paul College: The Culinary Education that’s actually Working.
Contact Erik about speaking to your culinary arts program: EJones@landolakes.com

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