The Impossible Burger, Possible?

By Trey Brusio

Beef, Pork, Chicken, or Plant Root?

Calling all vegetarians, vegans and even meat-lovers: if you have yet to enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness that is a perfectly cooked medium-rare burger now you can! May I present to you the Impossible Burger, an original, 100% plant-based burger formulated by Impossible Foods. Now I know what you’re thinking, “This beautiful sandwich cannot be without meat, it’s bleeding,” but I assure you it is. An Impossible Foods goal is to target die-hard carnivores and take on the meat industry head on—and to do this will require creating a big impact. Seems as if their R&D team did great job because, according to Impossible Burger tasters, the meat alternative bleeds, caramelizes, and even crumbles in the same way typical ground meat does all without any animal products. Impossible Foods was able to do this using heme, a molecule found in nitrogen-fixing plants that mimics the iron qualities of blood. This in turn gives the veggie burger its uncanny resemblance to the real deal.



PC: Grubstreet

They were so successful in their masterpiece they were able to bring none other than David Chang on board. Chang, owner of the Momofuku food group, will continue to flaunt the faux burger’s prowess in the form a mouthwatering patty melt at Momofuku Nishi, and hopes to experiment the vegetarian meat in foods like sausages and dumplings. Originally, he tasted the product in the form of a tartare and was quoted calling it an “umami bomb”. If this burger is even convincing chefs like David Chang, then it MUST be worth a try. Make sure you keep an eye out, the “bleeding veggie-burger” could be the new trend for restaurants all over the world.


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