Featured Culinologist: Webb Girard & Katherine Langel

By: Jordan Clark


CuliNex is a clean label product development consultancy located in Seattle, WA. With over 65 years of product development and business experience, they work with a variety of ingredients. Just this past RCA Conference, the CuliNex team-led by Principal Culinologist and RCA Co-Founder Mark Crowell–launched an internship program that provides student members with an outstanding opportunity to truly create the future of food. Follow their “A Day in the Life of a Culinologist” series!

BCFT Food Scientists Spotlight: Webb Girard & Katherine Langel

    This questionnaire with Webb Girard and Katherine Langel was a collective effort by CuliNex and BC Food Technologists New Professionals Committee. The questions asked are similar to those RCA Student Committee President Philip Saneski asked Greg Grisanti CRC® & CFSP, in a recent Featured Culinologist interview.  BCFT started by asking about how they discovered Culinology® and the steps that led them to becoming a full-time CuliNex employee. They asked about what a typical day looks like, which Katherine responded to with “there is no such thing as a typical work day!” Being a consulting company, Webb mentioned they work with all product categories from baking to dessert, from dairy to meat, from beverage to confectionary and all categories in between.

Webb, KD pic

    Additionally, Webb and Katherine gave career advice to aspiring Culinologists. Webb suggested to go explore grocery stores and look at new products, flavors, and packaging. For continuing to advance in your career, Webb recommended to “stay curious and don’t accept the status quo.” When asked if they would change careers they both said no, loving what they do. Finally, Webb was asked how he balances work life and personal life. He puts a priority on family as much as work allows. Katherine advised to follow your passion, surrounding yourself with all things food-related. As a recent Culinology® graduate, she gave three helpful suggestions: master your culinary skills in a restaurant, network as much as possible (hint hint… attend RCA and other regional events), and never stop learning, tasting, and experimenting. For three more newly graduate career advice tips, read fellow CuliNex Culinologist (and Nutritionist) Emily Munday’s recent interview on the FoodGrads.com blog and podcast interview on PeasOnMoss.com.

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