Meet the Team: Karen Diep

DSC_0036.JPGWelcome to our blog! My name is Karen and I am a food science major with a double minor in Culinology and Microbiology. I am currently attending Cal Poly Pomona in California and have worked throughout my college career in the world of food. My passion is food in all its forms. From learning and understanding the principles of how food is made to working and cooking with ingredients, I live and breathe food!

I am your current editor of the blog and working with the RCA has become a great passion of mine. We are constantly working to expand our team and create great content for our fellow food scientists and Culinologists in training. We welcome all who have a passion for food!

Aside from school and the RCA, I work constantly to make enough money so I can travel–which is another passion of mine. I am always looking for new and obscure places to visit so if you have a great spot in mind, please let me know! I’ll pack my bags immediately. I also work at a specialty coffee shop where I learn all these crazy new things about coffee (hence the coffee articles) and at the special collections and archives department at my school library (it’s not food related but we have a great collection of vintage wine books and cookbooks, I sneak over there sometimes when I get bored).

Thank you for coming to our humble blog and please join in on our conversation. We’d love to hear from you!


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