Meet the Team: Melinda Russell

Hey! My name is Melinda Russell, and I am currently a sophomore at Clemson University. The degree I am striving to receive is a Bachelor of Science in Food Science with a concentration in technology and emphasis in Culinology. I know, it is a mouthful. Sometimes I do not even remember the technical name, all I know is that I am doing what I love. I absolutely love my major. I remember panicking during my sophomore year in high school, trying to come up with what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Fortunately, I was taking a nutrition class that year. My professor went to a conference and came back filled with excitement about this cool new major beginning to be offered. That major was Culinology. I did hours of research that night. I looked into food science and the specifics. I looked into what goes into be a Culinologist, their salaries, where I could work, where to get the degree, etc. I read everything I could find on Culinology. I immediately fell in love. I have never looked back.


I am currently involved in several activities on campus. I am in the marching band, and play the marching baritone. It looks like a big, heavy trumpet. Not the most enjoyable instrument to hold, but it is worth it because participating in Clemson football games is second to none. I am Vice President of the Food Science cub at Clemson. It is a pretty small group because we just broke off from the nutrition majors, but we are slowly gaining more people. I love being very involved in my major. I am on a research team that is currently developing food products for a company, and the goal is to actually get these products produced and sold in grocery stores. I am incredibly excited about it. It has been very enjoyable and a great experience thus far. I am very involved in Alpha Phi Omega. APO is a co-ed service fraternity. I absolutely love it. I currently serve on the executive board. We do service around campus and the community. At Clemson we have a tradition called ‘Blood Bowl’. This happens a week before our big rivalry game against South Carolina University. APO is in charge of this tradition. It is a week-long blood donation competition. We compete against South Carolina to see which university can donate the most blood. There are 8 donation sites around campus and APO members work all of them. Last year I worked a total of 24 hours that week. It is a great experience. We are able to make something great out of the competition that surrounds college football. Finally, I am on the student committee for RCA. I was also on the task force to create the committee last semester. I love being a part of something that helps Culinology students worldwide. It is a fantastic organization to be a part of, and I hope to assist RCA student members with anything they need, and bring in new members.


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