Meet the Team: Erik Jones

erik1My name is Erik Jones. I have worked in professional kitchens for 9 years. During this time I have worked in most aspects of foodservice: casual-dining; fine-dining; prep, sauté, grill, garde manger, dessert, and expediter; high volume pastry kitchens; banquet and catering kitchens; resorts; overseas in New Zealand and in Ukraine. But I am constantly learning more and having new experiences with food. Culinary Arts is where my passion lies; Food Science is where my curiosity takes me.

I completed my AAS in culinary arts from Saint Paul College in 2014, and immediately began my BS in Culinology at Southwest MN State University. I will complete that program in May of 2016. The world of new product development and food manufacturing is where I want to make my career. I have had two internships: one as an R&D Intern at Greencore, and also as the Foodservice Test Kitchens Intern at Land O’Lakes. I still work at Land O’Lakes as an Independent Consultant in the test kitchens, and I love it.


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