A Welcome Letter

Dear Reader,

The world is changing fast and it looks like we’re in the eye of the storm. We’re on the edge of uncertainty border-lining between the center of calmness and catastrophe.

It takes a leap of faith to jump out into the unknown but it helps having a little backup to watch your 6 o’clock. That’s what The Culinologist is here for. You’re probably wondering who we are so let me serve it to you straight: The Culinologist is a shot of culinary arts with a chaser of science. We are a group of aspiring students looking to learn more about the world of food and want to share our knowledge and passions.

This is a welcome letter of sorts…and we hope you’re feeling welcomed. We want to start a conversation. A conversation about what we eat, how we eat it, and where it all comes from. Join our conversation–whether you’re with us or against us–we don’t care. As long as we’re all (politely) talking.

College is hard but life is harder so it helps to have a few supporters getting you through the day. Read, contribute, share–there’s a place for everyone here. We hope to hear from you, wherever you are, and all the exciting things you have to share about the world of food.

Till then,

The Culinologist Team


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